No Outsiders registered charity number 1184725


What is No Outsiders?

No Outsiders is an ethos

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Our Mission

Charity overview

Our Core Values

No Outsiders prepares young people and adults for life as global citizens, reducing potential for terrorism and promoting community cohesion


Our Core Values

Charity overview

Our Core Values

Respect for diversity through education in schools

Commitment to community cohesion through understanding and acceptance of difference

Promotion of dialogue to counter fear and hate in society


Charity overview

Charity overview

Charity overview

Assistance and guidance to educational providers in the UK and internationally by providing training and resources to develop, foster and promote community cohesion. Our aim is to develop commitment to ideals of tolerance in young children, leading to confident defending of equality and global citizenship.

The desired outcomes are prevention of children being drawn into terrorism and activities that cause detriment to community cohesion, such as far right activity. Initially schools will benefit from the promotion of an ethos that counters bullying through proactive teaching where all children learn that they belong and have a contribution to make to society. In the long term the charity will be of public benefit by reducing violence and promoting cohesion..

Varkey foundation Global Teacher prize 2019

For an overview of No Outsiders watch this short film

No Outsiders materclass

Filmed at the Global Teacher prize conference, Dubai, March 2019

Library sessions promoting no outsiders

Saturday morning No Outsiders workshops in public libraries.